Healthy and Selfish

“Why should healthy people have to pay for sick people?” –A common question asked by “healthy” people

There are a lot of Americans (and probably people all over the world) who think that sickness, disease, and chronic conditions are somehow caused only by lifestyle choices, whether it’s following a “proper” diet and exercise, or leading a truly “moral” life according to some criteria of someone’s choosing.  People get sick and hurt for myriad reasons, and it’s rarely due to their morality. However, some politicians of certain stripes keep using this faulty logic so that their base will continue to defend a system of healthcare that can bankrupt families.

What will it take for people to learn? During this pandemic, we’ve seen several anti-vax, anti-mask radio hosts lose their lives to COVID-19. They preached selfishness and ended up losing their lives and yet, most of their listeners will still tow that deadly line. And for what? So that from now until they contract this awful virus they can say that they avoided it? Then what? Their endgame appears to be trying out a new ventilator.

I don’t have a lot of followers here or on Twitter, but if I can reach one person and change their mind on vaccines and masks, then this would be worth it. Read that previous paragraph again. There are people in this country who are at risk and, even with the vaccine, can still suffer greatly if they contract this virus. A mask is not a sign of weakness or being “sheeple”, it’s a small gesture that shows people that you’re not a dick.

One thought on “Healthy and Selfish

  1. If there’s any outrage it should be over paying for the care of the people that had no health reasons not to get the vaccine but are now in ICU’s all over America. They also have voluntarily let the virus use their bodies as a laboratory in which the virus continues to mutate exposing all of the vaccinated people to new strains that the vaccine is less effective against.

    Aside from this, I have always been pro-universal health care and I still voted for George W. Bush twice so what do I know.

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