Biblical Marriage List

My Saturday Sermon on July 24, 2021 started a series about Biblical Marriage. This is the running list of the way that the Bible “defines” the institution of marriage.

  1. Father’s servant finds a wife for his son using camels. (Gen 24)
  2. Man marries cousin. (Gen 28 & 29)
  3. Man marries a pair of sisters and his own cousin. (Gen 26 & 28)
  4. Man works a father for seven years to marry his daughter, per daughter. (Gen 29)
  5. If a wife cannot bear children, the maid may be substituted. (Gen 30)
  6. If a man dies, his brother will take his wife, but any kids they have will belong to the deceased husband. (Gen 38)
  7. If a man does a good deed he may be rewarded with a wife by her father. (Exo 2)
  8. A man may sell his daughter as a slave and she will serve her master for life. (Exo 21)
  9. If a man seduces a virgin who is not engaged, then the man will pay the father and take her as a wife. (Exo 22)
    1. If the father refuses to give her to him, then the man has to pay the virgin price for her.
  10. The woman is the only partner in a marriage who can be unfaithful and the husband only needs a “gut feeling” to have her tested. (Num. 5)