Where Am I?

This week is less a sermon and more of a status update. I’m currently deep in the heart of Exodus, slogging through law after law about slaves, violence, farm animals, eyes, teeth, and countless things that deserve the death penalty. It took some time to get through and I’m still deep in the muck right now, but hopefully I’ll have two posts next week and I’ll be able to get this train rolling again.

Here’s the thing, and it won’t surprise you, I prefer writing about narrative stories and descriptive text. When it comes to laws, and I know Classic Jason, I have plenty more chapters full of laws ahead. I’m trying to figure out how to write about them that is halfway interesting. I may just skip to the interesting and controversial ones and maybe make a passing mention of the boring ones.

I also took the week off because we are in the heart of Oktoberfest season and my girlfriend plays in German brass band. I enjoy going to the fests and partaking of the food and beer. Being where I am in the Bible and having less time to write over the weekend made this past week a non-starter. If I was in the Book of Jonah or Judges (esp. Samson and Delilah) that would be easier to write about and get my thoughts down. As it were, laws just leave something to be desired.

Anyway, that’s it. Go in peace and all that jazz. Sorry, skinofmyteeth1960, that’s partially your line.

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